Cotoaga in a Nutshell

The purpose of this web site is to have one place for all my not-so-private-more-business-oriented content controlled by myself. It is a real MVP with no bells and whistles at all, which is a significant improvement compared to the version I had in place from 2013 until 2019. That one was only bells and whistles. Funny, how you can praise MVPs and make yourself the same mistakes. Note to myself: I’ll add that into my training as an amusing anecdote.

I am a digital evangelist, business agility master and agile coach. For more than 25 years I am excited to identify trends and requirements for new applications unfolding new business opportunities through technology and selling solutions. I am driving digitalization by designing and implementing scalable organizations within regulated environments. I lead and coach business and development teams on lean and agile methods. I love to hide complexity and to blend the commercial, the technical and the client viewpoint, to generate sustainable added value. I love to win clients and stakeholders and to bridge gaps from C-level visions via clients, users, solution architecture, partners and suppliers down to IT-specific details.

My motivation is to drive digitalization by leading from the front, to innovate and to create new digital money along the path of my team. I held various roles and responsibilities:

  • Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Product-, Project- and Programme Manager, Partner Management, Business Development, and Solution Sales
  • Analysis, conception, design (UI/UX) and implementation of multi-channel web-based applications
  • (Re-)presentation and communication

As a glue person, I know how software is built and curated. I experienced how this mix of art and engineering evolved.  I can link the visionary c-level, clients, partners, suppliers, the development team, down to detailed IT-aspects and connect all. This enables me to be a highly effective coach to lead change and drive digitalization.

My top-5 Gallup strengths are:

  • Futuristic
  • Maximizer
  • Strategic
  • Activator
  • Learner

Here is one list for all my relevant internet alter egos:

I am sure I missed some 🤓

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