Time for some change

A fully controlled blog is a great playground to test out some essential web technologies and not only to speak or write about it. It is a great sandbox to set up your very own sand castle.

However, it takes time and to be honest to myself, I sank by far more time in updates and configuration compared to writing. My excuse is simple: after technological blog housekeeping, I feel I have done enough and move on to the thing on the task list. 🤓

Visible deliverables for others, besides the initial setup: little to none…

Visible impact on my banking account: well, it does not hurt, but it is evident, and I can think of many better ways to spend money.

Visible impact on my learning curve: gone, since the initial setup. Hosting and blogging have both evolved, and I am stuck with a technology stack I would not recommend today to my clients.

Last not least: who cares? This is not the appropriate channel even for the tiny microblog content I could have delivered.

Facebook is dead and was always private. I am still struggling with https://kydroon.com for fun or more private stuff, but!

…Photography has finally taken off, even though not here. I have now more than 27 million views through https://unsplash.com/@kydroon. 😎

my first picture of the day @unsplash

I enjoy reading https://medium.com and will try this sooner or later from the publishing side when I have no longer an excuse for technological blog housekeeping.

So here we go: this blog moves to blogger. Dead boring but stable, far less risky and free of additional charge. I can not preach MVPs and work only on bells and whistles when it comes to my stuff.

Have I mentioned less risky? It is incredible how much attacks you have to fend off, even for a web site with such a low visibility profile. I do not want to even think about being more successful with a fully self-controlled web site! 😱

TL;DR, actually this is just a hello world post to check the layout. Stay tuned at your own risk for more content. You have been warned. 😉

Author: Kydroon

Explorer, Mad Scientist and Foodie

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